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Everything You Should Know About the Exciting 2024 Honda CR-V

A close up of the front of a dark blue 2024 Honda CR-V at a Honda dealer.As a Honda dealer, we get pretty excited about Honda vehicles; we can't help ourselves. With so many celebrated vehicles in the Honda lineup, it's easy to see why we're so passionate about this brand. One vehicle, in particular, has been a fan-favorite SUV for years, even being named one of the "Best SUVs of 2023 and 2024" by Car and Driver; of course, we're referring to the exceptional Honda CR-V and the 2024 model is proving to be more thrilling than ever.[a]

The CR-V has been a well-received SUV for years, and the latest model is no exception. Offering both gas-powered and hybrid options, the Honda CR-V has plenty of trim options to choose from. The CR-V is available in the LX, EX, Sport Hybrid, EX-L, brand-new Sport-L Hybrid, and the luxury Sport Touring Hybrid. Honda makes it easy to choose the right trim for you, ensuring you get all the features that matter most. For those looking to explore this thrilling new CR-V lineup, come in today, and we'll be happy to show you everything they offer.

Safety and Convenience

The Honda CR-V is loaded with features that improve comfort, safety, and convenience, many of which come standard. All trim levels come equipped with the Honda Sensing Suite, a fantastic set of programs that behave like your co-pilot while on the road. Through the use of cameras and sensors, the Honda CR-V can detect potential danger, alerting you to keep you safe. Features like Lane Departure Warning will notify you if it senses you are leaving your lane unintentionally. Other features, like the Lane Keeping Assist System, do more than alert; it steps in to help lessen the chance of impact by applying the brakes or directing your steering.

Convenience features, like the Multi-Angle Rearview Camera with Dynamic Guidelines, make it easier to navigate your surroundings. This unique backup camera allows you three different views when in reverse. Choose from normal, top-down, or wide to get the view that works for you. The guidelines are just icing on the cake, putting your path into a clear perspective.

The Traffic Sign Recognition System is another great feature that adds convenience and safety by putting traffic sign information front and center. Information is displayed on the Digital Instrument Cluster Screen, eliminating the need to strain yourself looking for the speed limit or other important information. Honda has even equipped all trims with Auto High-Beam Headlights, a nifty feature that will make every drive that much easier.

Simple concepts, like parking sensors, make everyday driving easier and safer than ever before. Thanks to the available Front and Rear Parking Sensors, there is no more inching ahead to avoid hiding the curb. They can alert you to potential impact when reversing or pulling forward. Even something as simple as automatic locks can make life easier, which is why the CR-V offers the Walkaway Auto Lock feature, which automatically locks your vehicle when you walk away so you don’t have to panic about forgetting to lock up.

A blue 2024 Honda CR-V driving on an open mountain highway.

Performance and Power

Of the six trims, three of them are equipped with a traditional gas-powered engine setup. The LX, EX, and EX-L are fitted with a turbocharged 1.5L mated to a continuously variable transmission. It produces 190 hp and 179 lb-ft of torque, more than enough to get the job done. Drivers have the option to choose between three drive modes; ECON, Normal, and Snow. ECON maximizes efficiency, while Snow maximizes performance in wintry conditions. Normal mode is right in the middle, perfect for everyday driving.

When you visit our Honda dealership in West New York, NJ, you'll see that three Sport trims are available on the 2024 Honda CR-V, and all three run on a hybrid drivetrain. The setup consists of a gas-powered engine and two motors so that you can enjoy a boost in power and fuel efficiency. The combined output of the engine and the two motors is 204 hp, giving the Sport more pep to take on the road. 247 lb-ft of torque is generated courtesy of the high-torque traction motor and the 2.0L engine, providing Sport mode for a more exhilarating drive. The hybrid trim options also offer the ECON, Normal, and Snow modes, ensuring you get all the perks of the other trims.

Front-wheel or all-wheel drive is available on most trim levels, letting you choose the best option for your daily travels. The AWD option is great for varying terrain and diverse weather, allowing your vehicle to adapt better. The available Real Time AWD with Intelligent Control System maximizes traction and control by automatically adjusting to wheel slippage. With AWD behind the wheel, the Honda CR-V can tackle just about anything Mother Nature throws at it.

Connectivity and Infotainment

No vehicle is complete without a state-of-the-art infotainment setup granting access to music, navigation, and more. That’s why all trims have a color touchscreen that gives you easy access to your favorite apps. All options come equipped with Bluetooth, Apple CarPlay, and Android connectivity, with the top tiers offering wireless Apple and Android connections. The available wireless charging feature allows users to simply place their phone on a designated surface which then begins charging the device, making it a snap to keep your battery juiced.

The Sport Touring Hybrid takes connectivity a step further, providing Wi-Fi hotspot capabilities so that you can have the convenience of Wi-Fi anywhere you go. Plus, the Sport Touring Hybrid offers incredible sound for all your streaming needs, thanks to the premium Bose Premium Sound System. Another perk of the Sport Touring trim is that it comes equipped with the Honda Satellite-Linked Navigation System, making it easier to traverse the road less traveled.

For even more features, each trim comes HondaLink capable, a fantastic program exclusively through Honda. HondaLink provides access to some super helpful features like remote lock and unlock. You can also control the internal temperature via your phone or even locate your vehicle from the HondaLink app, which is automatically compatible with your vehicle. The Honda CR-V has plenty to make day-to-day life easier and more enjoyable.

A close up of the rear of a blue 2024 Honda CR-V parked in the desert.

Which 2024 Honda CR-V Is for You?

Choosing a Honda CR-V could be overwhelming, especially since there are so many fantastic options. Deciding whether you want to go classic with a turbo or go green with a hybrid could be the toughest decision of all. The gas-powered classic is a great middle-ground, boasting impressive gas mileage and power. However, the hybrid system lets drivers customize their drive, prioritizing power or fuel efficiency. For some, having a little of both is the way to go, while others might want to choose what they get out of their vehicle.

Then, of course, one must choose to go with a lower trim or splurge and go big with the Sport Touring Hybrid. The top tier offers some fantastic features only available on that one trim but also comes with an increased price tag. For some, the money is worth spending to get those extras, while others might opt to save some change and go with the already well-equipped lower CR-V trims.

In the end, though, the Honda CR-V is great no matter the trim you choose. Honda’s attention to detail, dedication to quality and reliability, along with their vision for the future, have turned out an SUV that seems to have it all. From the LX to the Sport Touring Hybrid, we're certain there is a 2024 Honda CR-V with your name on it. Contact us or come in today, and we'll be happy to help you discover which CR-V best fits you.

[a] The 2023 Honda CR-V was part of Car and Driver's "Best SUVs of 2023 and 2024" list. For more information, visit Car and Driver and Car and Driver is a registered trademark of Hearst Autos, Inc.