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Certified Honda Dealer

A close up shows the driver side headlight on grey 2020 Honda CR-V after leaving a certified Honda dealer.

Shopping for a used vehicle is something that millions of Americans do every year. Many drivers have chosen to shop used due to the benefits of lower upfront costs and the chance to pay lower insurance premiums. If either of these applies to you, you’ll want to shop at Hudson Honda. We are proud to carry CPO (Certified Pre-Owned) Honda vehicles.

What is CPO? It has the advantage of buying a used vehicle with a lower price tag. Still, it also has the benefits of purchasing something brand new, such as manufacturer-backed warranty coverage. We’re a certified Honda dealer and offer a host of CPO Honda vehicles that are ready to go from our lot to your driveway. Honda's CPO program is comprehensive and based on a three-tiered structure that provides you with a wealth of advantages and benefits:

HondaTrue Used - This introductory program from Honda allows for a complimentary oil change, powertrain coverage for the first 100 days or 5,000 miles, and roadside assistance.

HondaTrue Certified - These vehicles are no more than six years old and have less than 80,000 miles on their odometers. Your powertrain is covered for a period of seven years or 100,000 miles, with a limited warranty that covers four years or 48,000 miles. Roadside assistance and two complimentary oil changes are also included.

HondaTrue Certified Plus - The third option from Honda has stricter parameters for higher quality assurance. Vehicles in this tier have no more than 12,000 miles of wear and tear and are no older than two years. Their limited warranty is also extended for a duration of five years or 86,000 miles.

All of Honda’s vehicles that are a part of these programs have been thoroughly inspected and brought up to par. With three comprehensive programs, the level of quality you’re looking for in a CPO Honda is entirely at your discretion.

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CPO Honda Sedans for the Daily Commute

The sedan has long been considered an average driver's ideal solution for going from work to home and other activities that you might drive to during the weekend. Ever since the energy crisis of the 1970s, Honda sedans have been closely associated with what many drivers look for—a reliable vehicle with conservative fuel consumption. The Honda Accord has thrived in this category and continues to offer drivers safety and sustainability in a single package. If you’re in the market for something sportier, consider the Honda Civic or the performance-oriented Honda Civic Type-R, available as a hatchback or sedan. There is a CPO Honda sedan on our lot that will surely meet your expectations for your next vehicle purchase. Four wheels, four doors, and a world of possibilities can be yours.

A blue 2022 Honda Civic LX is shown driving on an open road lined with trees.

Ideal Options for the Family-Oriented Driver

Are you a parent? Are your passengers significantly shorter than you? Don't worry. We have some solutions on our lot for you in the form of our Honda CPO SUVs and minivans. Honda manufactures a number of SUVs, which has coincided with the rise of the vehicle's popularity during the past few decades. The Honda CR-V, for example, has been popular among families since it debuted during the 1990s. Available as either a traditionally fueled or hybrid vehicle, it exemplifies many of the attributes that are commonly associated with Honda—impressive fuel economy and a host of standard safety features. Of course, the options don’t stop there. The Honda Passport is ideally suited for the family who enjoys outdoor exploration; it will take you on and off the road in comfort. The Honda HR-V possesses many features that make the crossover SUV popular with many modern-day drivers, such as excellent handling and a fuel-efficient powertrain. While some people consider the minivan to be somewhat passe, Honda has been producing its own incarnation for over three decades. The Honda Odyssey is a fantastic method of family transportation that combines storage seating and still provides plenty of rapid acceleration thanks to its robust powertrain. Because safety has always been a concern for parents, you’ll be pleased to know that Honda’s SUVs, as well as the Odyssey, come packed with safety features and have received consistently good ratings from the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration).

The bed of a blue 2023 Honda Ridgeline is shown being loaded with plants.

Need a Reliable Workhorse? Look No Further Than a CPO Honda Ridgeline

There’s no denying that pickup trucks have traditionally been associated with domestic manufacturers like Chevy, Ford, GMC, and RAM. Always one to prove its capability and innovation, Honda has been in the pickup truck game for some time now with the Ridgeline. Competing against the likes of the GMC Canyon, Nissan Frontier, and Toyota Tacoma, the Ridgeline is what many pickup trucks should strive to be in an ever-changing marketplace. All-wheel drive and a beefy powertrain allow Honda’s capable hauler to out-compete other vehicles in its class. What makes the Ridgeline such a unique vehicle is its unique design. Built on the chassis of the Odyssey, The Ridgeline has a spacious interior that elevates comfort and handling more like that of a sedan than a traditional pickup. Whether you’re looking for a workhorse or a means to get from point A to point B, this is one truck that you’ll want to get behind the wheel of.

The Hudson Honda Logo is shown.

Getting Behind the Wheel of a CPO Vehicle is Easy When You Shop at Hudson Honda

CPO programs are one of the newest ways the automotive industry is evolving in favor of customers' changing needs everywhere. The Honda fleet has always been associated with vehicles for families, daily drivers, and people from all walks of life who want a reliable, fun method of transportation that will go the distance for them. Here at Hudson Honda, this is more than just an abstract ideal; it’s a firm indication of how we do business to benefit the people who shop at our location. It’s well-known that no two drivers are exactly the same or are looking for the same thing. What works for one might not be ideally suited for another, so we’re firm believers in guiding our customers through the whole scope of the buying process when they’re shopping for a CPO Honda. This means taking the time to listen and learn about their concerns, how often they drive, who they have in their vehicle at any given moment, and answering any questions they might have.

If you’re simply looking for sustainable transportation around town, we’ll go over the various sedans we have on our lot and help you choose which one suits you. If you have a growing family and seating, storage, and safety are at the top of your priority list, one of our CPO SUVs or a Honda Odyssey might be the vehicle you’ve been searching for. And let’s not forget about the capable workhorse in the form of the Honda Ridgeline. Even after we’ve helped you choose which CPO Honda is ideal for you, our commitment to you doesn’t come close to concluding. To ensure that your Honda stays on the road and goes plenty of extra miles, we want to provide all necessary repairs, courtesy of our parts and service department. You’ve worked hard for the chance to own a Honda. Now, we’re here to work extra hard to get you behind the wheel of one.