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Why a Used Honda Pilot Is Perfect for Traveling Around Union City

A blue 2022 Honda Pilot parked in front of a modern home.

There’s no greater media center in the country, and perhaps the world, than New Jersey and New York City. Union City is located right near the heart of it all, sandwiched comfortably between Manhattan and Newark, so you can bet we know a thing or two about city environments. We here at Hudson Honda have been helping Union City drivers take on the ever-moving culture of city life for many years now.

We know that what city drivers who want to make the most out of the New York City area need most is a sturdy and reliable SUV that can offer comfort and efficiency. Honda continues to stand tall among the competition when it comes to both of these attributes. With so many reliable, long-lasting options to choose from in their catalog, this used car dealership near Union City is here to tell you: if you want to rule the city, get behind the wheel of a Honda.

Honda’s lineup of vehicles is packed with the most useful and efficient vehicles you could imagine for urban landscapes such as New York, but if there’s one model in particular that can offer utility on every street from Greenwich Village to Harlem, it’s the Honda Pilot. These SUVs are perfect for families and single drivers due to their incredible efficiency and city-tuned performance. And when you buy used, you can tap into an even broader world of utility. The Honda Pilot is an SUV designed from the ground up for city driving, from versatility in its performance and interior features to the variety of safety features in its arsenal to keep you alert against potential hazards.

The Honda Pilot has taken on many different forms over the years, and with those various iterations comes a plethora of different models that can appeal to city drivers of all varieties. But where can you find such a versatile selection of used Honda SUVs? That’s where Hudson Honda comes in. We’re ready to serve drivers from Union City and beyond with a highly varied selection of used Honda vehicles that can help you tackle any task no matter where in the city you may find yourself. Our goal is to help you get behind the wheel of a fantastic Honda vehicle such as the Honda Pilot on your terms so you can drive confidently and happily, whether you’ve got business in Hoboken or Brooklyn.

Smiling children sitting in the back seats of a 2022 Honda Pilot.

Unparalleled Reliability

The vehicles you find at Honda dealers are built to last. That is just one of the reasons they are so well suited to city driving. In cities that are constantly backed up with traffic and endless stopping and starting, such as New York, Jersey City, or Newark, you need a vehicle that can keep you going and won’t have to make constant stops to the shop. All Honda vehicles are built with dependability in mind, but the Honda Pilot is a particular standout among them.

Honda as a brand is rated as one of the highest-scoring vehicle manufacturers from the standpoint of reliability, and the Honda Pilot has proven this over the years. With an SUV such as the Honda Pilot, you can rest assured that you’ll get at least ten years and 300,000 miles of use out of it before you’ll need to consider moving on to another model. That means that drivers who purchased the 2014 iteration of the Honda Pilot, a version of the vehicle known to have been particularly sturdy, are still going strong with their Pilot to this day. This is especially well suited to driving through areas such as Union City and Jersey City, where you need a sturdy SUV that can last for years to come.

The Honda Pilot has also traditionally been a model that provides the absolute best in terms of efficiency. This is where buying used comes particularly in handy. Though the Pilot model is known for being quite efficient, that efficiency does fluctuate from year to year. So, when buying used, you have the opportunity to cherry-pick the exact efficiency level you need from your SUV. For example, the 2016 Honda Pilot achieved an EPA-estimated 18 MPG in cities and 25 MPG on highways, making for a combined fuel economy of 21 MPG, which can compete with many new SUV models from other brands.[a] The 2018 Pilot was even better on highways, getting an EPA-estimated 26 MPG on the freeways, which there are plenty of throughout New Jersey.[a]

Interior Comfort

One of the Honda Pilot model’s strong suits has been its impressive interior space and comfort amenities. If you live in an area such as Union City or any of the surrounding urban environments, chances are you’ve always got something going on in the city. That’s where the Honda Pilot model’s interior convenience features can help make the average day easier. With plenty of head and legroom that allows passengers to really get comfortable, as well as a whole lot of cargo space to bring any materials you may need along for the ride, the Honda Pilot always keeps things easy and comfortable, even when you’re stuck in traffic.

Previous iterations of the Honda Pilot, such as the 2015 Pilot, seat as many as eight riders, making it perfect for larger families with busy schedules. The 2015 model features up to 40 inches of headroom and 41.4 inches of legroom in the front and 38.2 inches of headroom and 32.1 inches of legroom in the third row, so every one of those eight rides has plenty of space to stretch out and make themselves comfortable.

The Pilot may seat eight riders, but that doesn’t mean it's lacking in cargo space either. As a matter of fact, models such as the 2017 Pilot feature more space than most new SUVs, with 16.5 cu.ft. of cargo space in its trunk that can be expanded to 46.8 cu.ft. when the third-row seats are down. Furthermore, when both back rows are folded down, the 2017 Honda Pilot affords drivers 83.9 cu.ft. of space, which is far more than even the newest competing models have to offer.

A white 2022 Honda Pilot driving on a winding road to a used car dealership in Union City.

Find Your Used Honda Pilot With Us Today

Reliability and practicality make the world go round when it comes to city driving. The Honda Pilot offers both of those things and so much more, and with a broad spectrum of performance specs and convenience features that can be found throughout the more than 20 years' worth of iterations of this vehicle, a used Honda Pilot can truly offer endless utility in urban areas. If you want to take advantage of that spectrum of capability to the fullest, contact us or stop by Hudson Honda and take a look at our selection of excellent Honda vehicles today.

We know more than anyone the difference having a dependable vehicle by your side can make for city drivers. We believe no brand can offer that dependability more than Honda, and vehicles such as the Honda Pilot prove the true extent of that. The Pilot has the ability to take drivers further, save them money on maintenance costs and gas, and offer convenience and comfort for a lifetime of city driving. So, if you’re looking for a vehicle that can help you take on Union City to the fullest, we hope to see you at Hudson Honda so that we can help you get behind the wheel of one of the many versatile models of the Honda Pilot.

[a] Based on EPA mileage ratings. Use for comparison purposes only. Mileage will depend on model year, trim, and condition of the vehicle. Your mileage will also vary depending on how you drive and maintain your vehicle, driving conditions and other factors.