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How a Used CR-V or HR-V Will Change the Way You Travel in Union City

A silver 2017 Honda CR-V Touring is shown on a city street at night.

Whether you’re on your way to the office or dropping the kids off at school, you need a vehicle that was designed for the hustle and bustle of Hudson County. Fortunately, there are a few everyday commuter vehicles that make your time spent stuck in rush hour traffic out of the city a little more bearable. If you'd like to upgrade your rush-hour game and want to get more for your money, buying a used vehicle might be a solid option. When you’re searching for used cars near Union City, let Hudson Honda help you find you something to navigate the tricky drive on 495. Two of our favorite choices are compact in stature but larger than life when it comes to your daily drive—the Honda CR-V and the Honda HR-V. When your Union City travels depend on a vehicle that’s designed to handle more, you’ll want to consider a used CR-V or HR-V.

Compact and Confident

Both the CR-V and the HR-V are prominent members of the small SUV segment, with the HR-V being the smallest Honda SUV on the streets. Small SUVs are ideal for navigating New York City traffic, effortlessly weaving through throngs of taxis lined up on Broadway, and when it comes to fitting into tricky streetside parking spaces, these two options make this task seem absolutely effortless. If you’re looking to buy used, you may want to turn your attention to models from 2023. These models were the first in their new generation, which had been redesigned from previous models to feature more space inside, as well as a re-tuned engine to add more energy to the drive.

With Civic designed inspiration throughout both the CR-V and HR-V, these two small SUVs emit assertive vibes, and with Honda engineering coursing through them, your time behind the wheel will be nothing short of relaxing. The CR-V and HR-V have been staples in the Honda lineup for many years, so whichever model has piqued your interest, rest assured it will impress you, making all those trips to West New York more enjoyable for you and all of your carpool companions.

A silver 2022 Honda HR-V is shown from the side parked on a city street after viewing used cars near Union City.

Utterly Efficient

Small vehicles tend to be the most fuel-efficient across the board, and the CR-V and HR-V are no exception. Let’s take 2023’s models, for instance, with the updated CR-V getting up to an EPA-estimated 34 MPG on the highway. Choose the hybrid version and take advantage of 43 MPG on city streets and really make the most out of your travels. The smaller HR-V is also incredibly efficient, getting up to 32 MPG on the highway. From Weehawken to Hoboken to Jersey City and beyond, you’ll be able to travel without having to constantly fill up your gas tank. This will save you a bundle.

In addition to being efficient and practical, both vehicles can be equipped with all-wheel drive capabilities—perfect for that surprise snowstorm as you leave work for the day. The more recent model year you choose, the better its performance. For example, last year’s models were tweaked to include a more responsive AWD system, making it easy to take on inclement weather like a pro. With the ability to travel confidently and take advantage of optimal efficiency, the CR-V and HR-V are excellent choices if you’re searching for an affordable and capable traveler.

Cozy, Convenient, & Comfortable

You might think that small SUVs wouldn't be able to offer the space you need as you navigate your commute—whether you’re heading to the bus station to jump on the 159 or home to The Heights after a long day at work. One of the best aspects of driving a CR-V or HR-V is the fact that despite being small in stature, they’re pleasantly roomy and filled with comfort features to make the most of your time on the road. Not only do they have comfortable seating materials—especially as you make your way up the trim levels—but they also offer plenty of cargo space to accommodate workout gear, luggage, groceries, and anything else you might need to take with you.

Of course, technology is always helpful, especially when you’re trying to find some type of enjoyment as you sit in traffic on JFK Blvd. Fortunately, the CR-V and HR-V can be equipped with plenty of tech to make your drive more bearable. It’s important to note that the newer the model, the more innovation there is inside. From large touchscreens to features like smartphone integration, navigation, wireless charging, and Wi-Fi capabilities, you’ll find it all in these compact travelers to help you stay connected to your day.

Spectacularly Safe

Honda is known for its reliability, and along with this reliability comes safety. The CR-V and HR-V have been designed with safety at their core. From their quality designs to the advanced safety features available in newer models, remaining safe is a given inside these best-selling models, whether you’re traveling through Fairview or taking the kids to Washington Park. Frequent Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) Top Safety Picks, the CR-V and HR-V don’t just offer reliable builds. Having the Honda Sensing suite in your vehicle makes your drive safer than ever.

Features like Forward Collision Warning and Lane-Keeping Assist help you avoid accidents as you make your way into the city. Other helpful features like a driver-attention monitor and backseat reminder prompt you to remain alert and in tune with what’s going on around you while you’re driving. No matter where you’re traveling through Union City and beyond, these Honda models are watching out for you every step of the way.

A blue 2022 Honda CR-V Touring is shown parked near a lake.

Affordable & Accommodating

With the cost of housing—as well as everything else—rising these days, you can't afford to overspend on your vehicle. The CR-V and HR-V are top picks for Union City drivers due to their lower maintenance costs and reasonable sticker prices—especially when you buy them used. When you buy a used CR-V or HR-V, you can take advantage of exciting features for less money than buying a new one. Suddenly, a more luxurious trim is in your price range, or maybe a larger touchscreen or enhanced driver assistance features. You can get what you want out of your vehicle without having to compromise because it doesn’t fit within your budget.

The Honda CR-V and HR-V are already exceptionally accommodating, with their cozy interiors, efficient powertrains, and level of innovation. Add in the fact that used vehicles are much more affordable—even models that are just a couple of years old—and you’ve got a winning solution for time spent traveling our streets.

Consider a Used CR-V or HR-V

If you want to enjoy optimal efficiency, a spacious interior cabin experience, and a safe and charismatic ride, both the CR-V and the HR-V are extremely well-suited for your Union City travels. The CR-V is the larger of the two, perfect for everyone from NYC commuters to families. The HR-V, with its subcompact build, is ideal for navigating traffic on your way into the city for work. Both vehicles showcase Honda's dependability and quality throughout, making any drive you take an all-around better experience.

You know that traveling in the wrong car can make your drive uncomfortable in many different ways. That’s why more Union City travelers are choosing to drive Hondas when they want a vehicle they can depend on. If you’re looking to add value to your drive while keeping more money in your pocket, it’s time to explore the used inventory of top-quality CR-V and HR-Vs, designed for our area travelers.